Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How to Set Automatic Duplexing on HP printer

From David Praveen at HP community Forum

Hi All,

Here is wht I want you all to do:

1) From the printer Setup menu look under "Reports" menu and select the option "Printer Status Report". Once it prints out look for the option "Duplexer". It should say "Installed".

2) In the computer, close all the windows which are open like Word, Acrobat etc
3) Double click the printer icon which you see on the computer screen. Open Printer actions and then open "Customize your Printer"
4) Click on "Device Settings" tab. Here "Two Sided Printing" or "Duplexer" should say "Installed" or Automatic" and if you see "Manual Duplex" this should read "Disabled". Click Apply and click OK
5) Click on "Set your Preferences"
6) Check for the option "Print on both sides" or something like that. For this option select "Flip on Short Edge"
7) Also click on "Advance" button and look for any reference to two sided printing.
8) Click Apply and click OK. Now try printing.

If it resolves your problem, but it prints upside down, from the application Click on File ==> Print ==> Select the printer ==> Click on Properties. Here select "Flip on Long Edge" and then try printing.

Note: Legal size paper cannot be used for duplex printing. Try with Letter size or A4 size paper.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Can't print PDF files only

Printing PDFs with best font size

Can't detect a USB connected printer: windows 7

You're trying to connect via USB but whatever driver installation you use, the printer just wouldn't print.

The first thing you do is to check the device manager if it detects the USB connected printer. The printer must be turned on for it to be seen in device manager. Usually found under Imaging devices

Here's how to access the device manager in Win7.

If it is detected proceed to the next step

Download the Print Diagnostics Utility which can be found at the sidebar of our site. It's right there on the right side. For now it's under Troubleshooting tools. Run this application and it will tell you why you can't print. That's if the problem is with the computer settings.
A Re-installation of the Software and drivers might be required.

If this still does not work go to the next step.

Service the printer. The Square USB port at the back of it might already be faulty. The best way to find out is to connect it to a different computer and see if it works with it. If it does repeat step 2.

The Printer Will Not Pick Up or Feed Paper

Friday, March 4, 2011

HP Anthem TV Ad - Music by Lou Reed

HP Everybody On ( is a commercial that features a re-recorded a version of Lou Reed's iconic "Walk On the Wild Side", which he created specifically for HP. The commercial showcases the breadth of HP consumer and commercial products.