Sunday, February 27, 2011

HP - invent

Incompatible Ink Cartridge

There are several things you can do if you get this error message:
1. Check the Ink's Compatibility with your printer. It's always recommended you use Original HP ink.
2. Remove and re-install the ink cartridges.
3. Clean the electrical contacts on the cartridge and inside the printer with a moist cotton swab.
4. If that still does not work, try a different ink cartridge or just try running the printer with one cartridge to isolate which cartridge is faulty.
5. Replace in Cartridge.
6. If that still does not resolved it. It's time to service the printer or haveit replaced.

Detailed steps on Click the link below.

Failed due to MAC filtering

Sometimes when installing an HP printer wirelessly you get an error that goes something like "Failed due to MAC filtering"
What is MAC filtering anyway?

MAC filtering- Media Access Control (MAC filtering uses a unique 12-character address assigned to each piece of network hardware (it's like your car's VIN number) to allow or block the device's connection to a network.

The video above shows how MAC filtering works. You could probably spot the MAC address on a sticker at the back of your printer.

How do I fix it?
This link to the HP support web site shows how to resolve these types of issue:

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Using an HP All-in-One or Fax Product on a PBX, ISDN, or DSL Phone System

wrong wrong wrong. doing it that way will cause the dsl to loose connection when the fax is communicating. Only some faxes can work on dsl connections, they must have a cable equalizer and line attenuator available in the firmware of the machine so the machine can be adjusted to work. You must use a dsl filter inline with the fax machine otherwise when sending or recieving the dsl will drop out. The bad news is the dsl filter causes the line to drop by 5 dB in volume causing Rx/Tx failure.

How to Clean a Clogged Printer Ink Cartridge